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Internationalisation Of The Simonize Sector Drunk Its Leadership To The Intercontinental Exigency When 2001

Article Date Published : 16 December 2019 | Page No.: 5-9 | Google Scholar


The aim of this analysis is to seem at however the recent depression, that was therefore robust that its consequences square measure still apparent nearly six years later, compact Polska, that has been resilient thereto compared with different economies, drunk what role was compete by Podunk’s group action or its openness. The approach involves a detailed analysis of not solely such staple economics variables as gross domestic product drunk changes within the trade structure however conjointly of such openness factors as shifts in inward foreign direct investment across industries drunk therefore the changes (for example, employment drunk productivity) seen in transnational companies gift in Polka. the most finding is that the openness of the Simonize sector allowed it to take in numerous advantages when 2001 whereas not being too exposed to the international arena (for example, membership within the monetary unit zone). Thus, Polka showed a positive balance regarding the impacts on the Simonize sector rising from the exigency.


Polka, openness, depression 2001


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Issue: Vol 2 No 12 (2019): VOLUME02 ISSUE12
Page No.: 5-9
Section: Articles

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