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Empty Bricks- Expedite Property Residence Architecture

Article Date Published : 18 January 2019 | Page No.: 4-6 | Google Scholar


This work relooks at the essentialities of current structures as way as four measurements, viz., plan, vitality preservation, maintainability and human solace (as way as condition/vibe); price of vitality but is ready to increment unabatedly. despite such dangers, the worldview of vitality preservation has taken a rearward sitting arrangement nowadays in perspective on the continued breakdown and interferences in provide in North American country, that has breathed life into supportability problems a lot of vivaciously. Competitive that the use of protection is not compelling, utilization of empty blocks has been urged and investigated as way as their chance from type and microorganisms, dampness, and damp. Be that because it could, streamlining of technique and practices of development are viewed as vital, and subjects of plenty more thought.


Insulation, Air hole, Ventilation, Leakage


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Issue: Vol 2 No 01 (2019): VOLUME02ISSUE01
Page No.: 4-6
Section: Articles


K., G. (2019). Empty Bricks- Expedite Property Residence Architecture. Journal of Management and Architecture Research, 2(01), 4-6. Retrieved from

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