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Space Syntax Approach For Analyzing Crime Preventive Urban Design

Article Date Published : 6 January 2019 | Page No.: 1-3 | Google Scholar


The day by day deteriorating living conditions in urban areas could be a matter of concern for all sensitive and accountable professionals. Architects and concrete designers want tools to live the great and unhealthy aspects of manmade infrastructure. This could guide them to assist folks live property life. Area Syntax methodology is a wonderful mathematical tool for identical. The article deals with describing basic construct behind area Syntax methodology for evaluating urban open areas. Special behavior generates human tendencies and governs numerous human acts.


Syntax, Space, Axial, Depth & performance


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Issue: Vol 2 No 01 (2019): VOLUME02ISSUE01
Page No.: 1-3
Section: Articles


Shane, B. (2019). Space Syntax Approach For Analyzing Crime Preventive Urban Design. Journal of Management and Architecture Research, 2(01), 1-3. Retrieved from

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